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(Fundação Internacional de Capoeira Angola)

 The International Capoeira Angola Foundation (ICAF) was founded in 1996,under the leadership of three mestres (masters), Mestre Cobra Mansa,Mestre Jurandir and Mestre Valmir, with a mission to maintain, promote and preserve the art and culture of Capoeira Angola. Dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Capoeira Angola, the foundation established a documentation and audiovisual center that maintains an extensive archive research library pertaining to Capoeira Angola, and other related African diaspora studies. In addition, as part of its mission ICAF assists in the development of affiliate groups in Brazil and throughout the world.




 FICA (Fundação Internacional de Capoeira Angola) -JAPÃO is the Japan chapter of the International Capoeira Angola Foundation, the world's largest organization dedicated to the maintenance and propagation of the martial art Capoeira Angola. FICA was founded by Mestre Cobra Mansa, Mestre Jurandir and Mestre Valmir. FICA-JAPÃO is led by Treinel Yuta Kazama. FICA- JAPÃO is a non-profit organization that offers weekly classes, monthly roda and is active in the community, sharing Capoeira at various events in Tokyo and Osaka area throughout the year. FICA-JAPÃO also hosts Capoeira event and workshops with guest Mestres once a year.



International Capoeira Angola Foundation



Contra Mestre Yuta (FICA-JAPÃO)
Contra Mestre Yuta (FICA-JAPÃO)